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Poem by Clinton Scollard

Night by the Sea

  I woke in the black watches of the night
    And heard the low intoning of the main,
    A muffled heart-beat, an unceasing strain
  Of music keyed to dolor and delight.
  Now sorrow seemed ascendent, now the height
    Of rapture beat in the sublime refrain,
    Until the whole world's happiness and pain
  Had echoed utterance while the dark took flight.

  Then in the sound of that reiterant surge
    I marked my own life's flux of bliss and woeЧ
      Grief's long drawn sigh and joy's exultant call;
  Till borne by dreams beyond the vast sea verge
    I touched those shores the blest immortals know
      Where youth and love have triumph over all.

Clinton Scollard

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