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Poem by Clinton Scollard

Dusk at Sea

  Dusk, like a moth of violet wing, descends
    Upon the beryl bosom of the sea,
    And in the sky's serene immensity,
  Where the impalpable rose of sunset blends
  With pearl and purple, shine the sailor's friends,
    God's blessed beacons twinkling timorously,
    Then brighter, each in its divine degree,
  To where the enrapt range of vision ends.

  When dusk droops dark o'er life's uncertain seas,
    Closing our day, deep-shadowing the sun,
      And we go forth across death's pathless foam,
  May we have stars more stedfast e'en than these,Ч
    Burning above, for us to gaze upon,
      Both light and guide on the long journey home.

Clinton Scollard

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