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Poem by Clinton Scollard

O'Donnell Aboo

  Out of Ulster came O'Donnell,
    Black O'Donnell and his crew,--
  Kelly, More, Mac Carthy, Connell,
    Joined the cry--"O'Donnell Aboo!"

  Woe once more, red woe for Kerry,
    Blood-drops were as mountain dew
  When that cry so mad, yet merry,
    Rang and rang--"O'Donnell Aboo!"

  Gone those sanguine days of slaughter,
    Sword and matchlock, pike and brand;
  Peace now o'er the ways of water,
    Peace o'er all the length of land.

  Yet sometimes when night is sealing
    Cairn and ruined shrine from view,
  Down the Kerry glens goes pealing
    That wild cry--"O'Donnell Aboo!"

Clinton Scollard

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