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Poem by Madison Julius Cawein



Hangs stormed with stars the night,
 Deep over deep,
A majesty, a might,
 To feel and keep.


Ah! what is such and such,
 Love, canst thou tell?
That shrinks - though 'tis not much -
 To weep farewell.


That hates the dawn and lark;
 Would have the wail, -
Sobbed through the ceaseless dark, -
 O' the nightingale.


Yes, earth, thy life were worth
 Not much to me,
Were there not after earth


God gave thee life to keep -
 And what hath life? -
Love, faith, and care, and sleep
 Where dreams are rife.


Death's sleep, whose shadows start
 The tears in eyes
Of love, that fill the heart
 That breaks and dies.


And faith is never given
 Without some care,
That leadeth us to heaven
 By ways of prayer.


The nightingale and dark
 Are thine then here;
Beyond, the light and lark
 Eternal there.

Madison Julius Cawein

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