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Poem by Madison Julius Cawein



    My love went berrying
    Where brooks were merrying
    And wild wings ferrying
        Heaven's amethyst;
    The wildflowers blessed her,
    My dearest Hester,
    The winds caressed her,
        The sunbeams kissed.


    I followed, carrying
    Her basket; varying
    Fond hopes of marrying
        With hopes denied;
    Both late and early
    She deemed me surly,
    And bowed her curly
        Fair head and sighed:


    "The skies look lowery;
    It will he showery;
    No longer flowery
        The way I find.
    No use in going.
    'T will soon be snowing
    If you keep growing
        Much more unkind."


    Then looked up tearfully.
    And I, all fearfully,
    Replied, "My dear, fully
        Will I explain:
    I love you dearly,
    But look not cheerly
    Since all says clearly
        I love in vain."


    Then smiled she airily;
    And answered merrily
    With words that - verily
        Made me decide:
    And drawing tow'rd her,
    I there implored her -
    I who adored her -
        To be my bride.


    O sweet simplicity
    Of young rusticity,
    Without duplicity,
        Whom love made know,
    That hearts in meter
    Make earth completer;
    And kisses, sweeter
        Than - berries grow.

Madison Julius Cawein

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