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Poem by Lewis Carroll

King-Fisher Song

King Fisher courted Lady Bird 
Sing Beans, sing Bones, sing Butterflies! 
            Find me my match, he said, 
            With such a noble head 
With such a beard, as white as curd 
            With such expressive eyes!

Yet pins have heads, said Lady Bird 
Sing Prunes, sing Prawns, sing Primrose-Hill!
            And, where you stick them in, 
            They stay, and thus a pin
Is very much to be preferred
            To one thats never still!

Oysters have beards, said Lady Bird 
Sing Flies, sing Frogs, sing Fiddle-strings!
            I love them, for I know
            They never chatter so:
They would not say one single word  
            Not if you crowned them Kings!

Needles have Eyes, said Lady Bird 
Sing Cats, sing Corks, sing Cowslip-tea! 
            And they are sharp  just what 
            Your Majesty is not:
So get you gone  tis too absurd
            To come a-courting me!

Lewis Carroll

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