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Poem by Madison Julius Cawein



    You say I do not love you! - Tell me why,
        When I have gazed a little on your face,
    And then gone forth into the world of men,
        A beauty, neither of the Earth or Sky,
    A glamour, that transforms each common place,
            Attends my spirit then?


    You say I do not love you! - Yet I know
        When I have heard you speak and dwelt upon
    Your words awhile, my heart has gone away
        Filled with strange music, very soft and low,
    A dim companion, touching with sweet tone
            The discords of the day.


    You say I do not love you! - Yet it seems,
        When I have kissed your hand and said farewell,
    A fragrance, sweeter than did flower yet bloom,
        Accompanies my soul and fills, with dreams,
    The sad and sordid streets, where people dwell,
            Dreams of spring's wild perfume.

Madison Julius Cawein

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