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Poem by Owen Seaman

For the Red Cross

Ye that have gentle hearts and fain
    To succour men in need,
There is no voice could ask in vain
    With such a cause to plead --
The cause of those that in your care,
    Who know the debt to honour due,
Confide the wounds they proudly wear,
    The wounds they took for you.

And yonder where the battle's waves
    Broke yesterday o'erhead,
Where now the swift and shallow graves
    Cover our English dead,
Think how your sisters play their part,
    Who serve as in a holy shrine,
Tender of hand and brave of heart,
    Under the Red Cross Sign.

Ah, by that symbol, worshipped still,
    Of life-blood sacrificed,
That lonely Cross on Calvary's hill
    Red with the wounds of Christ;
By that free gift to none denied,
    Let Pity pierce you like a sword,
And love go out to open wide
    The gate of life restored.

Owen Seaman

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