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Poem by Isaac Watts

Hymn 126

God glorified in the gospel.

The Lord, descending from above,
Invites his children near,
While power, and truth, and boundless love,
Display their glories here.

Here in thy gospel's wondrous flame
Fresh wisdom we pursue;
A thousand angels learn thy name,
Beyond whate'er they knew.

Thy name is writ in fairest lines,
Thy wonders here we trace;
Wisdom through all the myst'ry shines,
And shines in Jesus' face.

The law its best obedience owes
To our incarnate God;
And thy revenging justice shows
Its honors in his blood.

But still the lustre of thy grace
Our warmer thoughts employs,
Gilds the whole scene with brighter rays,
And more exalts our joys.

Isaac Watts

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