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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Be Not Attached

"Be not attached,"--so runs the great command
For those who seek to "Know and Understand."
Who sounds the waters of the deeper sea
Must first draw up his anchor and go free.

But not for me that knowledge. I must wait
Until again I enter through Earth's gate.
I am not brave enough to sail away
To farther seas, and leave this beauteous Bay.

Love barnacled, my anchor lies. And, oh,
I would not lift it if I could, and go
All "unattached," to find those Truths which lie
Far out to sea, beneath a lonely sky.

The peace of heart and happiness of soul
Await the seeker at that farther goal,
With love and all its rapture and its pain,
Close to the shores of earth I must remain.

Not yet would I relinquish my sweet dream,
To gain possession of the Fact supreme.
I am attached; and well content to stay,
Learning such truths as Love may send my way. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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