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Poem by Eleanor Farjeon

Sonnets. 10. What is this anguish then that always stands

What is this anguish then that always stands
Mingled in love, if love be loves sole end?
O it is life still gasping his commands
And crying love therein to stand his friend.
Life drives us all whether we love or no,
We are lifes purpose, he much less is ours,
And we like panting beasts in harness go
While his fierce needs make torments of our powers.

Only when love across the heavy fields
Divinely treads to labour with the clods,
He breaks the goad that life is glad to yield,
And lifts the yoke that bowed us to the sods:
Upstanding, we behold a God revealed,
And serve lifes purpose not like beasts but gods.

Eleanor Farjeon

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