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Poem by Louise Chandler Moulton

Helen's Cup

Give me the potent draught that Helen poured
To lull Telemachus! Make me forget
All present peril, all old sins, and let
Me dream, in peace. Long threat'ning, Fate's sharp sword
Before my eyes has hung--about me roared
The battle's clamor. Sore I am beset--
New fears and ancient pains together met
Assail me, who for peace have long implored:

Give me at last to drink, and let them flee,
The baffled ghosts that watch me sullenly,
To those waste fields that waiting shadows keep;
And down some waveless tide, in quiet deep
As set of day upon a quiet sea,
Oh, let me drift and dream, and fall on sleep!

Louise Chandler Moulton

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