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Poem by Wilfred Wilson Gibson

The Unknown Knight

When purple gloomed the wintry ridge
  Against the sunset's windy flame,
From pine-browed hills, along the bridge,
  An unknown rider came.

I watched him idly from the tower.
  Though he nor looked nor raised his head;
I felt my life before him cower
  In dumb, foreboding dread.

I saw him to the portal win
  Unchallenged, and no lackey stirred
To take his bridle when within
  He strode without a word.

Through all the house he passed unstayed,
  Until he reached my father's door;
The hinge shrieked out like one afraid;
  Then silence fell once more.

All night I hear the chafing ice
  Float, griding, down the swollen stream;
I lie fast-held in terror's vice,
  Nor dare to think or dream.

I only know the unknown knight
  Keeps vigil by my father's bed:
Oh, who shall wake to see the light
  Flame all the east with red?

Wilfred Wilson Gibson

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