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Poem by Henry Vaughan

The Evening-Watch

    A Dialogue


Farewell! I go to sleep; but when
The day-star springs, I'll wake again.


Go, sleep in peace; and when thou liest
Unnumber'd in thy dust, when all this frame
Is but one dram, and what thou now descriest
In sev'ral parts shall want a name,
Then may his peace be with thee, and each dust
Writ in his book, who ne'er betray'd man's trust!


Amen! but hark, ere we two stray
How many hours dost think 'till day?


Ah go; th'art weak, and sleepy. Heav'n
Is a plain watch, and without figures winds
All ages up; who drew this circle, even
He fills it; days and hours are blinds.
Yet this take with thee. The last gasp of time
Is thy first breath, and man's eternal prime.

Henry Vaughan

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