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Poem by Henry Van Dyke

Robert Browning

How blind the toil that burrows like the mole, 
In winding graveyard pathways underground,
For Brownings lineage! What if men have found
Poor footmen or rich merchants on the roll
Of his forbears? Did they beget his soul? 
Nay, for he came of ancestry renowned 
Through all the world, -- the poets laurel-crowned
With wreaths from which the autumn takes no toll. 

The blazons on his coat-of-arms are these:
The flaming sign of Shelleys heart on fire,
The golden globe of Shakespeares human stage,
The staff and scrip of Chaucers pilgrimage, 
The rose of Dantes deep, divine desire,
The tragic mask of wise Euripides.

Henry Van Dyke

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