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Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

A Child's Garden of Verses. The Child Alone. 3. My Kingdom

Down by a shining water well
I found a very little dell,
    No higher than my head. 
The heather and the gorse about
In summer bloom were coming out,
    Some yellow and some red.

I called the little pool a sea;
The little hills were big to me;
    For I am very small. 
I made a boat, I made a town,
I searched the caverns up and down,
    And named them one and all.

And all about was mine, I said,
The little sparrows overhead,
    The little minnows too. 
This was the world and I was king;
For me the bees came by to sing,
    For me the swallows flew.

I played there were no deeper seas,
Nor any wider plains than these,
    Nor other kings than me. 
At last I heard my mother call
Out from the house at evenfall,
    To call me home to tea.

And I must rise and leave my dell,
And leave my dimpled water well,
    And leave my heather blooms. 
Alas! and as my home I neared,
How very big my nurse appeared.
    How great and cool the rooms!

Robert Louis Stevenson

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