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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

No churchman am I for to rail and to write,
No statesman nor soldier to plot or to fight,
No sly man of business contriving a snare,
For a big-bellied bottles the whole of my care.

The peer I dont envy, I give him his bow;
I scorn not the peasant, tho ever so low;
But a club of good fellows, like those that are there,
And a bottle like this, are my glory and care.

Here passes the squire on his brother-his horse;
There centum per centum, the cit with his purse;
But see you the Crown how it waves in the air?
There a big-bellied bottle still eases my care.

The wife of my bosom, alas! she did die:
For sweet consolation to church I did fly;
I found that old Solomon proved it fair,
That the big-bellied bottles a cure for all care.

I once was persuaded a venture to make;
A letter informd me that all was to wreck;
But the pursy old landlord just waddled up stairs
With a glorious bottle that ended my cares.

Lifes cares they are comforts, a maxim laid down
By the bard, what dye call him? that wore the black gown,
And, faith, I agree with th old prig to a hair,
For a big-bellied bottles a heavn of a care.

        (Added in a Mason Lodge)

Then fill up a bumper, and make it oerflow,
And honours masonic prepare for to throw;
May every true brother of the compass and square
Have a big-bellied bottle when harassd with care.


Robert Burns

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