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Poem by Sidney Lanier

A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.

By Sidney and Clifford Lanier.

O wish thats vainer than the plash
Of these wave-whimsies on the shore:
Give us a pearl to fill the gash --
God, let our dead friend live once more!

O wish thats stronger than the stroke
Of yelling wave and snapping levin;
God, lift us oer the Last Days smoke,
All white, to Thee and her in Heaven!

O wish thats swifter than the race
Of wave and wind in sea and sky;
Lets take the grave-cloth from her face
And fall in the grave, and kiss, and die!

Look! High above a glittering calm
Of sea and sky and kingly sun,
She shines and smiles, and waves a palm --
And now we wish -- Thy will be done!

Sidney Lanier

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