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Poem by Elinor Wylie

Sea Lullaby

The old moon is tarnished 
With smoke of the flood, 
The dead leaves are varnished 
With colour like blood. 

A treacherous smiler 
With teeth white as milk, 
A savage beguiler 
In sheathings of silk 

The sea creeps to pillage, 
She leaps on her prey; 
A child of the village 
Was murdered today. 

She came up to meet him 
In a smooth golden cloak, 
She choked him and beat him 
to death, for a joke. 

Her bright locks were tangled, 
She shouted for joy 
With one hand she strangled 
A strong little boy. 

Now in silence she lingers 
Beside him all night 
To wash her long fingers 
In silvery light.

Elinor Wylie

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