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Poem by Elinor Wylie

The Lion and the Lamb

I saw a Tigers golden flank, 
I saw what food he ate, 
By a desert spring he drank; 
The Tigers name was Hate.

Then I saw a placid Lamb 
Lying fast asleep; 
Like a river from its dam 
Flashed the Tigers leap.

I saw a lion tawny-red, 
Terrible and brave; 
The Tigers leap overhead 
Broke like a wave.

In sand below or sun above 
He faded like a flame. 
The Lamb said, I am Love; 
Lion, tell your name.

The Lions voice thundering 
Shook his vaulted breast, 
I am Love. By this spring, 
Brother, let us rest.

Elinor Wylie

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