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Poem by Claude McKay

On the Road

Roar of the rushing train fearfully rocking, 
Impatient people jammed in line for food, 
The rasping noise of cars together knocking, 
And worried waiters, some in ugly mood, 
Crowding into the choking pantry hole 
To call out dishes for each angry glutton 
Exasperated grown beyond control, 
From waiting for his soup or fish or mutton. 
At last the stationТs reached, the engine stops; 
For bags and wraps the red-caps circle round; 
From off the step the passenger lightly hops, 
And seeks his cab or tram-car homeward bound; 
The waiters pass out weary, listless, glum, 
To spend their tips on harlots, cards and rum.

Claude McKay

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