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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

My Longshore Lass

Far in the mellow western sky,
Above the restless harbor bar,
A beacon on the coast of night,
Shines out a calm, white evening star;
But your deep eyes, my longshore lass,
Are brighter, clearer far. 

The glory of the sunset past
Still gleams upon the water there,
But all its splendor cannot match
The wind-blown brightness of your hair;
Not any sea-maids floating locks
Of gold are half so fair. 

The waves are whispering to the sands
With murmurs as of elfin glee;
But your low laughter, longshore lass,
Is like a sea-harps melody,
And the vibrant tones of your tender voice
Are sweeter far to me.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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