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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

With Tears They Buried You Today

With tears they buried you to-day,
But well I knew no turf could hold
Your gladness long beneath the mould,
Or cramp your laughter in the clay;
I smiled while others wept for you
Because I knew. 

And now you sit with me to-night
Here in our old, accustomed place;
Tender and mirthful is your face,
Your eyes with starry joy are bright
Oh, you are merry as a song
For love is strong! 

They think of you as lying there
Down in the churchyard grim and old;
They think of you as mute and cold,
A wan, white thing that once was fair,
With dim, sealed eyes that never may
Look on the day. 

But love cannot be coffined so
In clod and darkness; it must rise
And seek its own in radiant guise,
With immortality aglow,
Making of deaths triumphant sting
A little thing. 

Ay, we shall laugh at those who deem 
Our hearts are sundered! Listen, sweet, 
The tripping of the winds swift feet 
Along the by-ways of our dream, 
And hark the whisper of the rose 
Wilding that blows. 

Oh, still you love those simple things,
And still you love them more with me;
The grave has won no victory;
It could not clasp your shining wings,
It could not keep you from my side,
Dear and my bride!

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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