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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Wood Pool

Here is a voice that soundeth low and far
And lyricvoice of wind among the pines,
Where the untroubled, glimmering waters are,
And sunlight seldom shines. 

Elusive shadows linger shyly here,
And wood-flowers blow, like pale, sweet spirit-bloom, 
And white, slim birches whisper, mirrored clear
In the pools lucent gloom. 

Here Pan might pipe, or wandering dryad kneel
To view her loveliness beside the brim,
Or laughing wood-nymphs from the byways steal
To dance around its rim. 

Tis such a witching spot as might beseem
A seeker for young friendships trysting place,
Or lover yielding to the immortal dream
Of one beloved face.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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