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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Exile

We told her that her far off shore was bleak and dour to view,
And that her sky was dull and mirk while ours was smiling blue.
She only sighed in answer, It is even as ye say,
But oh, the ragged splendor when the sun bursts through the gray! 

We brought her dew-wet roses from our fairest summer bowers,
We bade her drink their fragrance, we heaped her lap with flowers;
She only said, with eyes that yearned, Oh, if ye might have brought
The pale, unscented blossoms by my fathers lowly cot! 

We bade her listen to the birds that sang so madly sweet,
The lyric of the laughing stream that dimpled at our feet;
But, O, she cried, I weary for the music wild that stirs
When keens the mournful western wind among my native firs! 

We told her she had faithful friends and loyal hearts anear,
We prayed her take the fresher loves, we prayed her be of cheer;
Oh, ye are kind and true, she wept, but woes me for the grace
Of tenderness that shines upon my mothers wrinkled face!

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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