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Poem by Bernard Barton

A Dream

A DREAM came lately in the hours
  To nightly slumber due;
It picturd forth no fairy bowers
  To Fancys rapturd view;
It had not much of marvels strange,
Nor aught of wild and frequent change:

But all seemd realay! as much,
  As now the page I trace
Is palpable to sight and touch;
  Then how could doubt have place?
Yet was I not from doubt exempt,
But askd myself if still I dreamt.

I felt I did; but, spite of this,
  Evn thus in dreams to meet,
Had much, too much of dearest bliss
  Though not enough to cheat:	
I knew the vision soon would fade,
And yet I blessd it while it stayd.

But oh, thy look!It was not one
  That earthly features wear;
Nor was it aught to fear or shun,
  As fancied spectres are:
Twas gentle, pure, and passionless,
Yet full of heavenly tenderness.

One thing was strange.It seemd to me
  We were not long alone;
But many more were circling thee,
  Whom thou on earth hadst known;
Who seemd as greeting thy return
From some unknown, remote sojourn.

To them thou wast, as others be	
  Whom on this earth we love;
I marvelld much they could not see
  Thou camest from above;
And often to myself I said,
How can they thus approach the dead?

But though all these, with fondness warm,
  Said, Welcome! oer and oer,
Still that expressive shade, or form,
  Was silent, as before!
And yet its stillness never brought
To them one hesitating thought.

I only knew thee as thou wert;
  A being not of earth!
Yet had I not the power to exert
  My voice to check their mirth;
For blameless mirth was theirs, to see,
Once more, a friend belovd like thee.

And so apart from all I stood,
  Till tears, though not of grief,
Afforded, to that speechless mood,	
  A soothing, calm relief:
And, happier than if speech were free,
I stood, and watchd thee silently!

I watchd thee silently, and while
  I musd on days gone by,
Thou gavst me one celestial smile
  One look that cannot die.
It was a moment worthy years!
I woke, and found myself in tears.

Bernard Barton

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