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Poem by Marion Angus

Remembrance Day

Some one was singing
Up a twisty stair,
A fragment of a song,
One sweet, spring day,
When twelve oclock was ringing,
Through the sunny square 

There was a lad baith frank and free,
Cam doon the bonnie banks o Dee
Wi tartan plaid and buckled shoon,
An hell come nae mair to oor toon. 

He dwells within a far countree,
Where great ones do him courtesie,
Theyve gien him a golden croon,
An hell come nae mair to oor toon. 

No one is singing
Up the twisty stair.
Quiet as a sacrament
The November day.

Cant you hear it swinging,
The little ghostly air?-
Hear it sadly stray
Through the misty square,
In and out a doorway,
Up a twisty stair 
Tartan plaid and buckled shoon,
Hell come nae mair to oor toon.

Marion Angus

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