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Poem by Benjamin Franklin King

The Pessimist

Nthing t d but wrk, 
	Nthing t t but fd, 
Nthing t wr but clths 
	T k n frm ging nud. 
Nthing t brth but ir 
	Quick s  flsh t is gn; 
Nwhr t fll but ff, 
	Nwhr t stnd but n. 
Nthing t cmb but hir, 
	Nwhr t sl but in bd, 
Nthing t w but trs, 
	Nthing t bur but dd. 
Nthing t sing but sngs, 
	h, wll, ls! lck! 
Nwhr t g but ut, 
	Nwhr t cm but bck. 
Nthing t s but sights, 
	Nthing t qunch but thirst, 
Nthing t hv but wht wv gt; 
	Thus thr lif w r cursd. 
Nthing t strik but  git; 
	vrthing mvs tht gs. 
Nthing t ll but cmmn sns 
	Cn vr withstnd ths ws.

Benjamin Franklin King

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