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Poem by Kate Greenaway

The Cats Have Come to Tea

What did she see  oh, what did she see,
As she stood against the tree?
Why all the cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out  from round about,
All the houses had let them out,
And here they were with scamper and shout.
	Mew-mew-mew! was all they could say,
	And, We hope we find you well to-day.

Oh, what she should do  oh, what should she do?
What a lot of milk they would get through;
For here they were with Mew-mew-mew!

She didnt know  oh, she didnt know,
If bread and butter theyd like or no;
They might want little mice, oh, oh, oh!
	Dear me  oh, dear me,
	All the cats had come to tea.

Kate Greenaway

Poem Theme: Kate Greenaway

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