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Poem by Thomas Urquhart

Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 36. Of Death, and Sin

Bodies, which lack the soules, did them inform,
Turn'd to corruption, lose their former grace:
And out of hearts corrupted breeds a worme
Still gnawing upon guilty Consciences.
As from deceased bodies, Death withdrawes
The living soules, another life t'enjoy:
So sinne, contrary to the divine Lawes,
In living bodies doth the soule destroy.
Death is not vanquish'd till the Resurrection
Of bodies, testifie the soules conjunction
And by Regeneration, sin's infection
Is buri'd in a mortifi'd compunction;
Lesse then is death, then sinne: the tomb, then hell:
The more that soules the bodies doe excell.

Thomas Urquhart

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