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Poem by John Skinner

The Auld Ministers Song

[Tune  Auld Lang Syne.]

 Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
  	Or friendship eer grow cauld? 
Should we nae tighter draw the knot, 
  	Aye as were growing auld? 
How comes it then, my worthy frien, 
  	Who used to be sae kin, 
We dinna for each ither speer, 
  	As we did langsyne?

What though I am some aulder grown, 
  	An ablins nae sae gay; 
What though these locks, ance hazel brown, 
  	Are now well mixd wi gray: 
Im sure my heart nae caulder grows, 
  	But as my years decline, 
Still friendships flame as warmly glows 
  	As it did langsyne.

Sae wells I min upo the days 
  	That we in youthfu pride 
Had used to ramble up the braes 
  	On bonnie Boggies side. 
Nae fairies on the haunted green, 
  	Where moonbeams twinkling shine, 
Mair blythely frisk aroun their queen, 
  	Than we did langsyne.

Sae wells I min ilk bonny spring 
  	Ye on your harp did play; 
An how we used to dance and sing 
  	The livelang simmers day. 
If ye hae not forgot the art 
  	To strike that harp divine, 
Yell fin I still can play my part, 
  	An sing as auld langsyne.

Though ye live on the banks o Doun, 
  	And me besooth the Tay, 
Ye well might ride to Faukland town 
  	Some bonny simmers day. 
And at that place where Scotlands king 
  	Aft birld the beer and wine, 
Lets drink, an dance, an laugh, an sing, 
  	An crack o auld langsyne.

John Skinner

Poem Theme: Auld Lang Syne

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