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Poem by John Mayne

To the Army and Navy Returning from the War

Gallant troops from Waterloo, 
Wellingtons companions true, 
All to whom our thanks are due, 
	For battles bravely won: 
Glory gaind and peace restord, 
Welcome home to sheathe the sword, 
Bless your king, and praise the Lord, 
	For wonders he hath done!

When the French, a fiend-like band, 
Threatend to despoil the land; 
When their Chief, with fiery brand, 
	Was Europes deadly foe; 
Britain, with her flag unfurld, 
From his throne the Usurper hurld! 
Britain savd a falling world, 
	And laid the Tyrant low!

Sailors of great Nelsons crew, 
Wealth and fame we owe to you; 
	Trafalgar, and Waterloo, 
	The war with glory crownd! 
See, brave heroes of the Nile, 
Commerce re-illumes our isle; 
Providence still deigns to smile, 
	And gladdens all around!

Shoud the Foemen, bold again, 
Dare us to the battle plain, 
Heart and hand, with might and main, 
	Well arm by land and sea. 
Waterloo and Trafalgar, 
In our minds a leading star, 
Shall guide our fleets and hosts afar 
	To glorious victory!

Gallant troops from Waterloo, 
Sailors of great Nelsons crew, 
All who woud, like Britons true, 
	The race of glory run: 
Hail your Prince with one accord, 
Bless the King and praise the Lord, 
Ever be His name adord 
	For wonders he hath done!

John Mayne

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