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Isaac Watts. Biography

»саак ”оттс (Isaac Watts)

Isaac Watts (17 July 1674 Ц 25 November 1748) was an English Christian minister (Congregational), hymn writer, theologian, and logician. He was a prolific and popular hymn writer and is credited with some 750 hymns. He is recognized as the "Godfather of English Hymnody;" many of his hymns remain in use today and have been translated into numerous languages.

Isaac Watts's Poems:
  1. The Sluggard
  2. Against Quarreling and Fighting
  3. Against Idleness and Mischief
  4. Love Between Brothers and Sisters
  5. Whatever Brawls Disturb the Street
  6. Against Lying
  7. Psalm 113
  8. Praise for Creation and Providence
  9. Hymn 1
  10. Psalm 100

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