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Charles Tennyson Turner. Biography

Charles Tennyson Turner (4 July 1808 Ц 25 April 1879) was an English poet. Born in Somersby, Lincolnshire, he was an elder brother of Alfred Tennyson; his friendship and the "heart union" with his greater brother is revealed in Poems by Two Brothers (1829). Another poet brother was Frederick Tennyson.

In 1833, Charles was ordained a priest in the Church of England. On 1 October 1835, he changed his surname to Turner after inheriting the estate of his great-uncle, the Reverend Samuel Turner of Caistor in Lincolnshire. On 24 May 1836, he married Louisa Sellwood, the younger sister of Alfred's future wife; she later suffered from mental illness and became an opium addict. Charles died on 25 April 1879, at the age of 70, at 6 Imperial Square in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.[1]

Turner was key in the construction of Grasby, a small village on the outskirts of Caistor. He helped construct part of the school (Grasby School) and was the vicar of Grasby Church for a while.

Charles Tennyson Turner's Poems:
  1. The Process of Composition: An Illustration
  2. Arms Old and New
  3. A Forest Sunset
  4. On a Vase of Gold Fish
  5. The Steam Threshing-Machine With the Straw Carrier
  6. The Half-Rainbow
  7. Missing the Meteors
  8. Morning Sorrows
  9. The Planet and the Tree
  10. East or West?

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