(Thomas Moore)

From Irish Melodies. 19. Eveleens Bower

                    OH! weep for the hour,
                    When to Eveleens bower,
          The Lord of the Valley with false vows came;
                    The moon hid her light,
                    From the heavens that night,
          And wept behind her clouds oer the maidens shame.

                    The clouds passd soon
                    From the chaste cold moon,
          And heaven smiled again with her vestal flame;
                    But none will see the day,
                    When the clouds shall pass away,
          Which that dark hour left upon Eveleens fame.

                    The white snow lay
                    On the narrow path-way,
          When the Lord of the Valley crossd over the moor;
                    And many a deep print
                    On the white snows tint
          Showd the track of his footstep to Eveleens door.

                    The next suns ray
                    Soon melted away
          Every trace on the path where the false Lord came;
                    But theres a light above,
                    Which alone can remove
          That stain upon the snow of fair Eveleens fame.

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