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Артур Хью Клаф (Arthur Hugh Clough) (1819-1861)
Артур Хью Клаф (Arthur Hugh Clough)

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  1. Across the Sea Along the Shore
  2. Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth
  3. A Song of Autumn
  4. Ye Flags of Picadilly
  5. All Is Well
  6. Written on a Bridge
  7. In a London Square
  8. The Thread of Truth
  9. Where Lies the Land to Which the Ship Would Go?
  10. Love and Reason
  11. Qua Cursum Ventus
  12. Ah! Yet Consider it Again!
  13. The Latest Decalogue
  14. How In All Wonder
  15. Through a Glass Darkly
  16. In a Lecture Room
  17. Love, not Duty
  18. In The Depths
  19. A River Pool
  20. At Rome
  21. Youth and Age
  22. Noli Aemulari
  23. Parting
  24. Shadow and Light
  25. There Is No God, The Wicked Sayeth
  26. The Higher Courage
  27. Blank Misgivings of a Creature Moving about in Worlds not Realised
  28. Life is Struggle
  29. Alcaics
  30. A Protest
  31. The Shady Lane
  32. An Evening Walk in Spring
  33. Easter Day. Naples, 1849
  34. Uranus
  35. The Music of the World and of the Soul
  36. The Silver Wedding
  37. Epi-strauss-ium
  38. Genesis XXIV
  39. Jacob’s Wives
  40. High and Low
  41. Sic Itur
  42. The Clergyman’s First Tale
  43. The Hidden Love
  44. Revival
  45. Jacob
  46. The Song of Lamech
  47. In Stratis Viarum
  48. With Whom Is No Variableness, Neither Shadow Of Turning
  49. The New Sinai
  50. In the Great Metropolis
  51. To a Sleeping Child
  52. Selene
  53. An Incident
  54. Cold Comfort
  55. Thoughts of Home
  56. Easter Day II
  57. O Thou of Llittle Faith
  58. Qui Laborat, Orat
  59. The Questioning Spirit
  60. Hope Evermore and Believe!

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