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Дункан Кэмпбелл Скотт (Duncan Campbell Scott) (1862-1947)

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  1. Off Riviere Du Loup
  2. Song
  3. The Forsaken
  4. The Half-Breed Girl
  5. The Message
  6. Life and Death
  7. November
  8. Enigma
  9. Ode for the Keats Centenary
  10. A Summer Storm
  11. A Little Song
  12. The Silence of Love
  13. Permanence
  14. Afterwards
  15. When Spring Goes By
  16. Angelus
  17. The Onondaga Madonna
  18. From Shadow
  19. Night Hymns on Lake Nipigon
  20. The Hill Path
  21. To Winter (Come, O thou conqueror of the flying year)
  22. At the Cedars
  23. The Height of Land
  24. To a Canadian Aviator Who Died for his Country in France
  25. The Harvest
  26. Avis
  27. The Forgers
  28. In Snow-Time
  29. To Winter (Come, O thou season of intense repose)
  30. Rain and the Robin
  31. An Impromptu
  32. From the Farm on the Hill
  33. Rapids at Night
  34. For Remembrance
  35. The Violet Pressed in a Copy of Shakespeare
  36. At William Maclennan's Grave
  37. Stone Breaking
  38. At Scarboro’ Beach
  39. The River Town
  40. The Voice and the Dusk
  41. Ecstasy
  42. The Ideal
  43. The Sea by the Wood
  44. The Fifteenth of April
  45. The Magic House
  46. In the House of Dreams
  47. The End of the Day
  48. Off the Isle Aux Coudres
  49. At Les Eboulements
  50. Above St. Irénée
  51. Written in a Copy of Archibald Lampman’s Poems
  52. In the Country Churchyard

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