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Алан Сигер (Alan Seeger) (1888-1916)
Alan Seeger (Алан Сигер)

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  1. Однажды смерть назначит мне свиданьеI Have a Rendezvous with Death
  2. An Ode to Natural Beauty
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Sonnet 3. WHY should you be astonished that my heart
  5. Sonnet 8. Oh, love of woman, you are known to be
  6. The Deserted Garden
  7. Lyonesse
  8. Sonnet 11. WHEN among creatures fair of countenance
  9. Kyrenaikos
  10. Vivien
  11. Sonnet 7. To me, a pilgrim on that journey bound
  12. Sonnet 1. Down the strait vistas where a city street
  13. Sonnet 10. A splendor, flamelike, born to be pursued
  14. Sonnet 6. OH, YOU are more desirable to me
  15. Sonnet 4. Up at his attic sill the South wind came
  16. Sonnet 2. Not that I always struck the proper mean
  17. Coucy
  18. Sonnet 12. Down the strait vistas where a city street
  19. Sonnet 16. WHO shall invoke her, who shall be her priest
  20. The Torture of Cuauhtemoc
  21. On a Theme in the Greek Anthology

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