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Джеймс Клерк Максвелл (James Clerk Maxwell) (1831-1879)
Джеймс Клерк Максвелл (James Clerk Maxwell)

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  1. Эволюция молекулMolecular Evolution
  2. A Student's Evening Hymn
  3. Valentine By A Telegraph Clerk
  4. A Problem In Dynamics
  5. Will You Come Along With Me?
  6. Recollections Of A Dreamland
  7. Lectures To Women On Physical Science
  8. To My Wife
  9. Song Of The Cub
  10. To The Committee Of The Cayley Portrait Fund
  11. The Vampyre
  12. Cats Cradle Song, By A Babe In Knots
  13. Answer To Tait
  14. An Onset
  15. Nathalocus
  16. British Association, Notes Of The President's Address
  17. Report On Tait's Lecture On Force
  18. Song Of The Edinburgh Academician
  19. On St. David's Day
  20. Numa Pompilius
  21. In Memory of Edward Wilson, Who Repented of what was in his Mind to Write after Section

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