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Роберт Блумфилд (Robert Bloomfield) (1766-1823)
Роберт Блумфилд (Robert Bloomfield)

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  1. Winter Song
  2. On Revisiting the Place of My Nativity
  3. Peace
  4. Hunting Song
  5. The Invitation
  6. Love of the Country
  7. Dolly
  8. To My Old Oak Table
  9. A Word to Two Young Ladies
  10. Lucy
  11. Nancy
  12. The Soldier's Return to His Home
  13. Rosamond's Song of Hope
  14. The Widow to Her Hour-Glass
  15. The Horkey
  16. Barnham Water
  17. To the British Channel
  18. Rosy Hannah
  19. A Visit to Renelagh
  20. Alfred and Janet
  21. Market-Night
  22. The Woodland Hallo
  23. Lines Occasioned by a Visit to Whittlebury Forest, Northamptonshire, in August, 1800
  24. Mary's Evening Sigh
  25. Shooter’s Hill
  26. Abner and the Widow Jones
  27. The Milk Maid on the First of May
  28. The Forester
  29. Good Tidings; Or News from the Farm
  30. A First View of the Sea

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