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Джоанна Бейли (Joanna Baillie) (1762-1851)
Джоанна Бейли (Joanna Baillie)

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  1. London
  2. A Summer Day
  3. On Time
  4. Wake, Lady!
  5. A Winter Day
  6. Evening
  7. A November Night’s Traveller
  8. Rhymes
  9. The Lament
  10. A Hymn for the Kirk
  11. Fothringay
  12. The Clearing Shower
  13. Hymn on the Seasons
  14. To the Lark
  15. Malcolm’s Heir
  16. Cameronian Dream
  17. On a Sleeping Boy
  18. A Lamentation
  19. Lines for a Friend’s Album
  20. The Season of Life
  21. A Mother to Her Waking Infant
  22. To Memory
  23. The Last Leaf
  24. Stanzas, Suggested by a Canzone of Petrarch
  25. Devotional Song for a Negro Child
  26. The Fountain
  27. Song Written for a Welch Air Called
  28. On Reading Walter Scot’s
  29. Female Picture of a Country Life
  30. A Child to His Sick Grandfather
  31. Verses Written in February, 1827
  32. Lines to a Parrot
  33. Hay-Making
  34. A Reverie
  35. Fee him, Father
  36. It Fell on a Morning Whan We Were Thrang
  37. Hooly and Fairly

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