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Элиза Кук (Eliza Cook) (1818-1889)
Элиза Кук (Eliza Cook)

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  1. Be Kind when You Can
  2. The Sea-Child
  3. Buttercups and Daisies
  4. Black Bess
  5. Don'T Tell The World That You'Re Waiting For Me
  6. The Flag of the Free
  7. The Old Arm-chair
  8. I Leave Thee for Awhile
  9. Winter the Season for the Exercise of Charity
  10. Song of the Sailor Boy
  11. The Englishman
  12. Song of the Worm
  13. The Banner of Union
  14. Teddy O'Neale
  15. They All Belong to Me
  16. Grey-Eyed Mabel
  17. There's a Star in the West
  18. The Raising of the Maypole
  19. God Speed the Plough

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