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Элиза Кук (Eliza Cook) (1818-1889)
Элиза Кук (Eliza Cook)

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  1. Be Kind when You Can
  2. The Sea-Child
  3. Buttercups and Daisies
  4. The Flag of the Free
  5. Black Bess
  6. Don'T Tell The World That You'Re Waiting For Me
  7. The Old Arm-chair
  8. I Leave Thee for Awhile
  9. Winter the Season for the Exercise of Charity
  10. Song of the Sailor Boy
  11. The Banner of Union
  12. Grey-Eyed Mabel
  13. They All Belong to Me
  14. Teddy O'Neale
  15. The Englishman
  16. There's a Star in the West
  17. Song of the Worm
  18. The Raising of the Maypole
  19. God Speed the Plough

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