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Edith Nesbit (Эдит Несбит)

In Eclipse

PALE veil of mist bound round the trees
    Pale fringe of rain upon the hills,
Cold earth, cold sky and biting breeze
    That mock the withered daffodils.
And yet so short a while ago,
    The sunlight on the quickened land
Laughed at the memory of the snow,
And we went hand in hand.

Pale veil of doubt wound round my heart,
    Pale fringe of tears upon your eyes;
Why did we choose the evil part?
Why did we leave our Paradise?
There were such green and pleasant ways
    Where you and I with happy heart
Laughed at the old unhappy days,
    And now--we are apart.

Will the sun shine again some day?
    Will you forgive me and forget?
Chill is the east, the west is gray,
    And all our world with tears is wet.
Ah! love, the world is wide and cold,
    The weary skies are wild with rain;
Give me at least your hand to hold
    Till the sun shines again.

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