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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)


FAREWELL to one now silenced quite,
Sent out of hearing, out of sight,--
    My friend of friends, whom I shall miss, 
    He is not banished, though, for this,-- 
Nor he, nor sadness, nor delight.

Though I shall talk with him no more,
A low voice sounds upon the shore.
    He must not watch my resting-place, 
    But who shall drive a mournful face 
From the sad winds about my door?

I shall not hear his voice complain,
But who shall stop the patient rain?
    His tears must not disturb my heart, 
    But who shall change the years and part 
The world from any thought of pain?

Although my life is left so dim,
The morning crowns the mountain-rim;
    Joy is not gone from summer skies, 
    Nor innocence from children's eyes, 
And all of these things are part of him.

He is not banished, for the showers
Yet wake this green warm earth of ours.
    How can the summer but be sweet? 
    I shall not have him at my feet, 
And yet my feet are on the flowers.

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