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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)

A Poet of One Mood

A POET of one mood in all my lays,
    Ranging all life to sing one only love, 
    Like a west wind across the world I move, 
Sweeping my harp of floods mine own wild ways.
The countries change, but not the west-wind days
    Which are my songs. My soft skies shine above, 
    And on all seas the colours of a dove, 
And on all fields a flash of silver greys.
I made the whole world answer to my art
    And sweet monotonous meanings. In your ears 
I change not ever, bearing, for my part,
    One thought that is the treasure of my years- 
A small cloud full of rain upon my heart
    And in mine arms, clapsed, like a child in tears.

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