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Violet Jacob (Вайолет Джакоб)


I DREAMED that life and time and space were one,
      And the pure trance of dawn;
       The increase drawn
From all the journeys of the travelling sun,
And the long mysteries of sound and sight,
       The whispering rains,
And far, calm waters set in lonely plains,
      And cry of birds at night.

I dreamed that these and love and death were one,
       And all eternity,
       The life to be
Therewith entwined, throughout the ages spun;
And so with Grief, my playmate; him I knew
       One with the rest,--
One with the mounting day, the east and west--
       Lord, is it true?
Lord, do I dream? Methinks a key unlocks
Some dungeon door, in thrall of blackened towers,
On ecstasies, half hid, like chill white flowers
      Blown in the secret places of the rocks. 

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