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Eugene Field (Юджин Филд)

In the Firelight

THE fire upon the hearth is low,
    And there is stillness everywhere, 
    And, like wing'd spirits everywhere, 
The firelight shadows fluttering go.
And as the shadows round me creep,
    A childish trebble breaks the gloom, 
    And softly from a further room 
Comes: "Now I lay me down to sleep."

And, somehow with that little pray'r
    And that sweet trebble in my ears, 
    My thought goes back to distant years, 
And lingers with a dear one there;
And as I hear my child's amen,
    My mother's faith comes back to me-- 
    Crouched at her side I seem to be, 
And mother holds my hands again.

    Oh, for an hour in that dear place-- 
    Oh, for that childish trust sublime-- 
Oh, for a glimpse of mother's face!
Yet, as the shadows round me creep,
    I do not seem to be alone-- 
    Sweet magic of that treble tone 
And "Now I lay me down to sleep!" 

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