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Margaret Chalmers (Маргарет Чалмерс)

Verses, on the Death of the Princess Amelia

DREARY November! now thy gloom,
In heighten'd gloom is darker roll'd,
                Thy wintry wing,
                The tidings bring,
Which fair Amelia's fate unfold.
Each varied object, every sound
To vibrate with our feelings seems,
                A deepening gloom
                O'ershades the room,
And dimly gleam the taper's beams.
The bleak wind whistles shrill around,
And while the hollow murmurs wave,
                In every swell
                Is heard a knell,
Which whispers of Amelia's grave.
In sympathetic mood we list
The sullen billows dash the shore,
                Tho' rude the dirge,
                The sounding surge
The Royal fair seems to deplore.
Sweet sufferer! thy warfare's past,
Thou now hast gain'd the happy shore;
                Thy race is run,
                The prize is won,
Sorrow and sighing are no more.
Proud of thy gentle merit, long
Shall thy Britannia love to tell;
                On patience mild,
                Thro' pain that smil'd,
Shall memory delighted dwell.
Thou sympathizing Mary, who
To Windsor led the drooping fair,
                There, in the shade
                And balmy glade,
To court the aid of purer air.
Whilst, as in all endearing meed,
(Hung o'er the couch of sickness) thou
                Even from pain's smart
                Didst steal a part,
Blunting his arrows as they flew.
With tender look and soothing voice,
His force essaying to beguile;
                And when he sent
                A truce, was lent
The languid interval a smile.
Ye, Royal Mourners, wipe your tears,
Or rather let them soften'd flow;
                O raise your eyes
                Beyond the skies,
Thence thro' the heart shall, comfort glow.
Open the heavenly portals fly,
Where, welcom'd by Redeeming love,
                By suffering try'd,
                Now glorified,
An angel joins the blest above.

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