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John Dryden (Джон Драйден)

A Song (High State and Honours to others impart)

HIGH State and Honours to others impart,
  But give me your Heart:
That Treasure, that Treasure alone,
  I beg for my own.
So gentle a Love, so fervent a Fire,
  My Soul does inspire.
That Treasure, that Treasure alone,
  I beg for my own.
Your Love let me crave,
  Give me in Possessing
    So matchless a Blessing;
    That Empire is all I wou’d have.
    Love’s my Petition,
    All my Ambition;
    If e’er you discover
    So faithful a Lover,
    So real a Flame,
    I’ll die, I’ll die,
    So give up my Game.

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