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Margaret Chalmers (Маргарет Чалмерс)

The Fourth of June

'TWAS on a happy Fourth of June,
    When fields and flowers bloom gay;
A social, friendly circle met
    To celebrate the day.
The blazing bonfire crackles loud,
    And as it mounts on high,
Kindles the loyal spark which beams
    Even in each infant eye.
Joy reign'd within, joy reign'd without,
    And on the daisy'd green,
Gay tripping to the viol's sound,
    The rustic groupes were seen.
Health to Britannia's monarch had
    With ardent cheers flown round,
And gracious Charlotte's name, with joy,
    A sparkling glass had crown'd.
True loyalty each bosom warms,
    The social zest prevails;
"Haste, drain a circling bumper to
    "The infant hope of Wales."
So said the host* then turning to
    A reverend friend, began;
"Come, fill your glass, and pledge me to
    "A brother clergyman."
"A Clergyman?" the Parson cries,
    "This toast surprises me,
"We have not yet drank half around
    "The Royal Family."
"'Tis granted--yet I know my toast
    "You'll join with right good will,
"To Osnaburgh's young Bishop , I
    "A flowing bumper fill."

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